iam Lee Travers

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Lee has over 20 years of commercial experience and extensive knowledge of the Fintech space.


He has proven success in building early stage retail and Telco companies, achieved through his trademark drive, unrelenting focus and decisive clarity.


That same drive has served the Irishman’s passion for rugby and polo well, but his attention now is focused on heading up an exciting new financial services business, iamMoney.


Set for launch in 2019, Lee splits his time between Chicago, London and Cork - building a team to bring what will be a first-of-its-kind global proposition to market.


The team at iamMoney feel that traditional banking models haven’t worked hard enough to serve people’s banking needs in this rapidly evolving world. iamMoney is the financial services company that sees you for who you are and who you can be.


Passionate about education and individual empowerment, iamMoney have created a website that provides everyone with the tools and information they need to make smarter financial decisions. (www.iammoney.co.uk)

This is just the first step in an exciting portfolio of client-centric projects and products set for launch in the coming months. This site is where you’ll find the latest iamMoney news, articles from seasoned fintech writers, blogs from Lee and Live Chats with the man himself.


Lee has led product launches across the globe: As EVP Commercial, Lee led the strategy across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for mPayMe, a mobile payment company. Due to its success, the company was brought to a successful trade sale.


Prior to his time at mPayMe Lee was EVP and General Manager for Americas at Monitise. During his time there, he secured several multi-million dollar deals for the mobile banking platform giant, supporting a period of strong share price gains.


"I want to change people’s relationship with money, permanently"


iam many things - father, son and life-long entrepreneur - but iam no banker

iam just a rugby-mad Irishman with a passion for making people's lives more financially secure



Before crossing to the US, Lee was based in Nigeria, liaising with the Central Bank, as he built and operated a P2P (person to person) mobile money transfer service – the country’s first.


Lee’s first fintech venture was a cloud-based 2D ticketing and mobile payments wallet solutions business, in 2002. It was taken to a trade sale within two years of incorporation.


Lee has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is always focused on the most efficient and creative ways to achieve the objective. He is incredibly excited about the ground-breaking possibilities with iamMoney  - so watch this space!  


I have known Lee Travers for just over a year and we have worked closely together during the last 12 months.


He is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the meaning and has great vision about his business. He has also shown great character and persistence during the last 12 months to continue to develop his business and attract investment and has succeeded despite the odds being stacked against him.


He also knows his strengths and weaknesses and is not afraid to seek out assistance from others to help him achieve his goals.


No task is too great / an example being his ability to engage in the US and seek support for his ambitious plans for amMoney gaining the support of the mayor of Chicago and signing heads of terms to acquire two banks in the state of Illinois.



I have worked with Lee Travers on multiple business transactions over the course of many years.  I have found his ability to solve problems and create innovative solutions to those problems to be outstanding. 


Additionally, Lee has exhibited the greatest integrity in every aspect of the work we have done together. Thanks to his work ethic, we have been able to create opportunities together which have born fruit in multiple verticals, allowing corporate growth of my company, at a far more rapid pace that anticipated. 


I will certainly continue to do business with Lee going forward, as his attitude mirrors that of my organization(s) and his innovative approach adds great value to our planning and execution of new ventures.


I have known Mr Lee Travers in a personal capacity for a number of years and, during that time, I have followed, with increasing interest, his professional endeavours.


From my personal knowledge of Travers, I consider him to be a person of the highest integrity. Throughout my years of knowing Mr Travers he had demonstrated many qualities befitting of somebody holding a senior position of responsibility and accountability. He possesses a strong work ethic and an equally a strong sense of right and wrong both from a personal and a social perspective.Mr


From a professional I have the greatest admiration for Mr Traver’s courage and conviction. He has a clear vision to transform financial services through technology, fuelled by a strong sense of corporate social responsibility for the ultimate benefit of customers and society. I am in awe of his unwavering commitment to realising his vision and the tenacity he demonstrates in overcoming every obstacle and challenge he is presented with.perspective


I would have no hesitation in endorsing Mr Travers personal and professional credentials and I wish him, and others like him, the very best of luck in changing our world for the better.


I have sold 207 wealth management companies in my career so have a fairly good view of the wider market. There are some particularly driven and ambitious entrepreneurs in the sector but few as dynamic and focused as Lee Travers. In a sector often void of creativity Lee injects energy and focus. Through iamMoney he is delivering ethical and innovative solutions that will transform conventional banking and capture opportunities outside the scope of his mainstream rivals.