• Lee Travers

Seven key financial needs of millennials

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By Lee Travers

At iamMoney, we like to keep things simple. Innovation does not have to be dramatic, simply understanding the desires and needs of the world around you will suffice. 


There's no need to reinvent the proverbial wheel, just make it function better and easier to understand. Take, for example, our friend the barber and his client's gown in the accompanying image. He took a daily problem, made a simple improvement and everyone is happy - it's so easy and really effective. 

Giving people what they want and what works best for them is a core value of iamMoney, so we did a little research with millennials, a generation who demand far more in exchange for their loyalty.

So, what do millennials want?

1. Storage and access to their money

2. The ability to transfer money to friends, family and colleagues

3. A clearer understanding of the financial products that are available to them

4. An easy way to pay bills and automate transactions

5. Information on managing and reducing debt

6. Saving strategies and support

7. Ways to avoid big financial mistakes

Education is at the core of this wish list and iamMoney is here to help - see our new website www.iammoney.co.uk for more.